HeatTower portable outdoor heater

heattower carbon infrarotheizstrahler extremeline
heattower carbon infrarotheizstrahler extremeline

HeatTower – portable infrared heater for outdoors

The HeatTower carbon is a portable infrared heater made by ExtremeLine that immediately produces pleasant heat wherever it is needed. Powerful and easy to relocate the HeatTower portable infrared heater is a flexible heating solution for outdoors and can be set up exactly where you need a pleasant heat. On terraces and balconies, in the garden and on gastronomy outdoor areas the freestanding infrared heater HeatTower produces a cozy warnth above and as well as under the table. The operation of the portable infrared heater is very easy, because only a power connection is required. This gives you a pleasant temperature outdoors and allows you to use the outdoor area very flexibly and in any weather.

>> HeatTower portable infrared heater– flexible use and a maximum of heat at any location <<

HeatTower portable heater

ADVANTAGES HeatTowerportable heater

  • Modern slim design in premium qualtiy that complements any design-focused outdoor environment.
  • Efficient heat with 2.700 watt to best heat your outdoor living and entertainment spaces
  • Heat in seconds at the push of a button
  • Latest infrared technology, almost no red light (IR B range, no eye irritation)
  • Premium material for an exceptionally long service life
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • For terrace, balcony, garden, conservatory, outdoor gastronomy,…
HeatTower mobile Infrarotheizstrahler
HeatTower portable heater – easy mobility and flexible heat for your outdoor gastronomy

HeatTower portable heater with 2.700 watt – powerful and efficient warmth

ExtremeLine HeatTower mobile Carbon Infrarotheizstrahler
HeatTower portable infrared heater for outdoors
HeatTower Carbon – modern design and high-quality “Made in Germany”.

When developing the HeatTower Carbon, we attached great importance to an appealing and modern design. For this reason, we only used high-quality materials for our portable heaterand paid attention to a slim design. In this way, it fits understated and space-saving into any environment.

When choosing the infrared heater material, we attached great importance to quality and durability. Our carbon tubes have an operating time of > 10,000 hours and a minimal red light. You can fully enjoy the time outside. >

If you value high quality in combination with innovative technology and functionality, ExtremeLine is the brand of your choice!

ExtremeLine quality Made in Germany
ExtremeLine HeatTower mobile Carbon Infrarotheizstrahler
HeatTower portable infrared heater
HeatTower Carbon – portable patio heater with nearly no red light

If it gets cold quickly on the balcony / terrace or in the garden, then our outdoor heaters warm you up very fast. Based on many years of experience, our carbon infrared heaters convince with their highly developed carbon heating elements and a minimum of red light. Therefore the perceived light is perceived as very pleasant and beneficial.

We at ExtremeLine have been convincing for many years with the highest quality products “Made in Germany” on the infrared heater market, both in Germany and internationally.

HeatTower Carbon – this complements the portable infrared heater perfectly

HeatTower cable patio heater
Very long power cable

The HeatTower carbon comes with an extra long power cable and is electrically operated. To heat your outdoors and enjoy the warmth of well-being, you only need an conventional socket and it will be nice and warm. Thus, the HeatTower carbon is and remains very flexible in the choice of location.

HeatTower carbon portable heater protective cover.
Protective cover for portable infrared heaters

To leave our HeatTower carbon outdoors, it automatically comes with a weather protection cover. So no water comes to the patio heater and it is well protected in any weather.

HeatTower carbon - portable infrared heater
Stable base plate with adjustable feet

Regardless of where you place the portable heater, it always stands safely on any surface. The stable base plate provides a secure hold due to its size and weight. The feet, which are easy to adjust by turning, ensure a firm stand even on uneven ground. The HeatTower carbon is therefore absolutely flexible in the choice of its location!

HeatTower infrared heater for fast heat exactly where you need it outdoors.

HeatTower carbon – product details

Metrics (W x H x D)158 x 17 x 7,5 cm (base plate 50 x 50 cm)
Weight8 kg heater / 11 kg base plate (to stand safely on any surface)
IP protectionIPx4 (splash water protection)
Performance2.700 watts
Light emissionvery low / nearly no red light (IR-B midwave 1.400 nm – 5.000 nm)
Heating technology 3 ExtremeLine carbon pipes
Lifetime> 10.000 operating hours
Heat settings2
Heating timeapprox. 35 seconds

HeatTower warbon – why choose a portable outdoor heater?

The HeatTower carbon is your infrared patio heater if youattach great importance to flexibility outdoors. The portable patio heater can be used as a flexible heating solution in any outdoor space. You can place it exactly where you need a comfortable warmth. Whether you want to heat your outdoor area likethe balcony / terrace / gardenor you want to use theoutdoor areas of your gastronomyuntil autumn.The gentle radiation directly heats up all the people and objects nearby instead of warming up the surrounding air. This is the best outdoor heating solution for any weather, if you need the most flexibility at all. The large open heating surface of the HeatTower infrared patio heater ensures an immediate heat effectboth above the table and under the table.

HeatTower der mobile Infrarotheizstrahler

HeatTower Carbon – for a comfortable infrared heat in any outdoor area

The mobile infrared heaters developed by ExtremeLine produceintense infrared heat for well-being– even in moderate wind and cool temperatures. At the push of a button and within a few seconds, you can feel the pleasant warmth on the skin, as it is not the air that is heated, but the surrounding objects themselves. Thus, the electric heater with 2700 watts unfolds its heat outputstraight to the surrounding without any loss of warmth to the air. A spontaneous stay outdoors is easily possible.


  • Powerful heating surface – the large open heating surfaceprovidesa fastheat outdoors
  • Instant heat at the push of a button – within seconds you can feel the heat because the portable infrared heater does notneed a long heating time. As a result, no energy is lost, which is a great cost advantage. Only as much heat is produced as it is needed.
  • Elegant integration in any outdoor area– thanks to its elegant and modern design, the portable heater integrates easily and understated in any living environment.
  • Flexible power supply / flexible positioning for the operation of the portable infrared heater only a standard household socketis required. Thus, the outdoor heater can be used wherever a socket is available.
  • Space-saving and fast installation – the HeatTower carbon can be set up fast and space-saving. Due to its slim shape, it blends understated into any environment and is easy to set up, as it is only put together.
  • High quality 100% made in Germanythe quality of our products is our absolute priority, which is what the German brand ExtremeLine stands for. At our companies headquarter in Halfing, Upper Bavaria, we produce our portable outdoor heaters with the highest quality standards.

HeatTower carbon – portable outdoor heater fields of application

HeatTower carbon flexible electric heater for outdoors
HeatTower Carbon – portable infrared heater

Mobile patio heater – Jalousien Huber, Wasserburg

HeatTower carbon flexible electric heater for outdoors
HeatTower Carbon – infrared outdoor heater

Infrarotheizung Glasdach – Einfamilienhaus, Leutkirch

HeatTower carbon portable heater for outdoors
HeatTower carbon – portable outdoor heaters

Infrared heater outdoor gastronomy – Guiseppe e Amici, Kolbermoor

HeatTower carbon portable heater for outdoors
HeatTower carbon – portable infrared heater, Jalousien Huber, Wasserburg

If you have the need to spend as much time as possible outdoors and you want to sit on your terrace or garden from spring to autumn, then the HeatTower, our mobile infrared patio heater, is the right infrared heater solution for you. Because with the HeatTower you can heat your terrace and all other outdoor areas easily, without unnecessarily producing heating costs. at the push of a button with a lot of comfortable heat for well-being.

What is a mobile infrared heater for outdoors?

A mobile infrared heater such as the HeatTower patio heater is an infrared heater that can be positioned at any time in a place of your choice outdoors. The only requirement is a standard household socket. Especially if you do not have the possibility to install the infrared heater at the ceiling or wall because you live in a tenement or apartment house, or you want to reposition it again and again outdoors then the HeatTower carbon portable outdoor heater is the perfect solution. The same applies to outdoor gastronomy. Whether dining table set, or lounge furniture, its heat distribution both above and below the table makes it nice and warm everywhere. Feel-good atmosphere guaranteed.

What are permanently installed wall and ceiling infrared heaters?

Compared to the portable infrared heater, the ExtremeLine wall and ceiling infrared heaters are mounted permanently on the wall and distribute their heat from above. They are perfectly used when they have to heat a defined area which will not be changed. Furthermore, our wall and ceiling heaters, depending on the model, are also suitable for closed indoor areas. Especially in the catering industry, both indoors and outdoors, these models provide excellent warmth. Your guests feel very comfortable even in cool temperatures and with wind. Areas of applications are conservatories, living rooms, wellness areas, indoor and outdoor restaurants, event areas, offices ……

HeatTower carbon tube

Why choosing a carbon infrared heater with an ExtremeLine carbon tube?

Compared to the commercially available gold tubes the ExtremeLine carbon tubesconvince by a very long service life. Our carbon tubes offer a lifespan over 10.000 hours.> One remarkable advantage of our carbon tubes is that our carbon tubes have a very low visible red light with a reduces brightness – infrared wave length of 1.400 nm and thus nearly no red light. The length of our ExtremeLinecarbon tubes is 2.5 times longercompared to conventional gold tubes. This leads to significant cost savings when using our carbon tubes. Because in order to heat the same area with comparable products, more conventional gold tubes are needed and higher expenses have to be made.

Portable infrared heater carbon tube

ExtremeLine infrared heater – discover the products!

HeatZone infrared dark radiator– for ceiling and wall mounting

HeatShine carbon radiant heater for wall and ceiling mounting
HeatTube carbon radiant heater – for wall and ceiling mounting
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