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The HEAT ZONE is the result of a infrared heating concept developed in Germany.

This darkheater does not emit red light and discreetly adapts to its surroundings.

ExtremeLine’s heaters have a unique control concept that allows you to choose between different radio systems.

Its elegant, simple design was awarded the “reddot design award” in 2010.             

The corrosion-resistant aluminium construction makes it possible to use it even near the coast.  In addition, the HEAT ZONE is distinguished by its extraordinary longevity.

Dark emitters are technically only suitable for wind-protected areas, such as the summer garden, conservatory or even living space and for industrial halls. Darkheaters from all manufacturers are not suitable for outdoor use!


• Titane-colored aluminum corpus
• Black/white energy-efficient heating surface
• Different power levels and lengths
• With integrated radio and APP operation
• With a separate temperature and humidity sensor


Die Infrarotheizstrahler der Marke ExtremeLine sind mit integrierten Funksteuerungen ausgestattet.Sie ermöglichen eine Leistungsansteuerung in drei Stufen: Stufe 3 (Maximum) mit 100%, Stufe 2 mit 86% und Stufe 1 mit 68%. Die Heizstrahler haben ein intelligentes Bluetoothmodul, welches die Steuerung sowie eine Konfiguration mittels Smartphone mit Androidsystem ermöglicht. Ein Raumtemperatursensor wird damit ebenfalls in das System […]

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